Visiting  Your Self

Coming Home to yourself

Join Brian and Corine for a weekend of self-care, nurture and personal development

Visiting yourself

The "Visiting Your Self Retreat" is for you, if:

-  You need practical handles to cope with the internal and external stressors of life.

-  You often feel overwhelmed with your responsibilities.

-  You often feel numb and unhappy with the present moment.

-  You feel angry and sad when thinking about past.

-  You are generally tired and unmotivated.

-  You are anxious and subconsciously feel like you live in a dangerous world.

Visiting yourself

The world we live in may require us to "pause" from time to time.

Everything in the three dimensional world needs periodic maintenance and repair. In order to avoid a complete breakdown we need to pause, listen and learn from the intelligence in your body and emotions.  

During the weekend we will pause to take care of ourselves in appropriate and practical ways that supports healthy life rhythms, and enable a life journey of fulfillment and meaning.

Retreat at Reeds Country Lodge

Cost for the "Visiting Your Self Retreat" is R2000 per person.

Included is:

-  The weekend retreat with 7 sessions

-  All meals

-  2 x Nights accommodation at Reeds Country Lodge (sharing if necessary)

Retreat at Reeds Country Lodge

The weekend program runs from 18:30 Friday evening to 10:30 Sunday morning.

1.  18:30 to 21:00, Dinner - Friday Evening.

2.  08:00 to 10:30, Morning Coffee and rusks - Saturday morning.

3.  11:00 to 12:30 Brunch - Saturday morning.

4.  15:00 to 17:30 Special sessions - Saturday afternoon.

5.  18:00 to 19:30 Dinner -Saturday evening.

6.  20:00 to 21:30 Special Session - Saturday evening.

7.  08:00 to 10:30 Breakfast - Sunday morning.

Visiting You self at Reeds Country Lodge

Location: Reeds Country Lodge.

The accommodation that we offer ranges from basic to luxury depending on availability.  If available you may secure single or luxury accommodation for an additional charge.

Dates for Visiting Yourself


We offer the "Visiting Your Self Retreat" twice a month.  Please call, email or click on the button below to enquire about dates and availability.


Cell: 072 3881 445


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